Below are just a few of the many unsolicited messages we have received over the years...

"I have found your service to be superb for the 15 or so months I have been a member. I should also like to relate a story which you may use as a testimonial if you want. I am a full time student at university, and last year my funding body suddenly withdrew £4000 of funding from me. I did not know how I would be able to continue my course, however, the 4 out of 5 Half Time/Full Time results win that came in earlier this year allowed me to pay my fees and continue on my course. Your service is by far the best I have ever used"
Andrew - Edinburgh

"What can I say, words fail me really, what an astounding result on the football fixed odds. Haven't stopped smiling since I logged onto my account on Saturday evening. Brilliant, and plenty of stake money for the new flat season, it's all looking very good at the moment"
A.B. London

"Thanks for your remarkably rapid response. You certainly believe in customer service" D.T. Canterbury

"Congratulations and thanks again... keep up the good work" P.N. Norfolk

"Your results have been truly remarkable. I've been gambling for a long time and your results are literally the best I've ever seen!"
J.E. Cornwall

"Your service is spot on" T.M. Pontefract

"In just ten days I have made 27 points profit! To say Iím gobsmacked is an understatement! During this same period Iíve been monitoring other more expensive services and they are not in the same league as TAPS. Good work! You certainly know your business!" C.B. Devon

"Thank you for a very professional service" D.D. Leicester

"Thank you for a fantastic Syndicate" K.H. Hants

"Thanks for your continuing good service. I canít remember how I found out about TAPS but Iím certainly glad I did. The prospect of the daily phone call keeps me going when Iím having a bad morning at work" S.H. Nottingham

"Thank you very much for an excellent service"
C.S. Surrey

"Thank you for your very profitable information"
C.P. Norfolk

"Keep up the good work" B.E. Isle Of Lewis

"You are a very professional and reputable service. Thank you"
R.D. Glasgow

"Many thanks for your excellent horse racing service"
P.I. Norfolk

"I printed off your manual and read it cover to cover one night and I knew at that point you are a very genuine and professional service. And you've certainly returned on your claimed results" A.M. Swansea

"I'm back on board! I've checked out the competition and they seem to advise far too many selections in any one day! I much prefer the few quality selections your service advises. Long may the profits continue!" G.C. Yorkshire

All testimonials are completely unsolicited and copies of the original letters can be viewed on request. But better still, why not judge for yourself just how good our service is? Join us today on a FREE TRIAL basis!



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